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Maximize Your InStore Retail Experience

Cash Register Integration

Wanna take your inStore brand experience up to a whole new level, check out our fully customizatble cash register system. With a touch screen monitor interface, point of sale keyboard, you can create attractive, user-friendly screens to complete your point of sale system. Each system comes with pre-designed templates that allow you to start processing with ease.

Inventory Management

Knowing how long your inventory has been sitting on the shelf is extremely important, especially when you have net 30/60/90+ day suppliers, its the key to maintaing a thriving bottomline as a result of efficient cashflow management. Know what inventory level you should be maintaining while also knowing what items are giving you the greatest financial returns.

Sales Tracking & Reporting

You can easily track what's currently selling, what time of the day/week/month/quarter your selling, and now you can include the difference between the actual hard net/net of purchasing/manufacturing cost and what you're selling at, so that you know your profit margin and can direct your resources effectively. If you need to track commissions for drivers, employees or sales staff, you can do that too. By using time and attendance reporting you'll have a clear picture of your sales and labor costs. Comparing specific sales year over year sales is usually eye opening.

Integrate 3rd Party Devices

Your Grit Retail System need to be open to 3rd party integrations because, you may need to run CRM's, Inventory Files, Reservations Software, Gift Card Tracking, Support Different Currencies while managing Float Maintenance. You can connect your Retail POS System to a multitude of 3rd party options.

Reward Your Customers

You work so hard to earn the right to serve one customer. Our Retail POS System will track the purchases your customers are making, allowing you to monitor the purchasing trends so that you can offer more rewards that keep them coming back for more. We offer a reward point system based on spend or specific products purchased, either way, you want your customers to redeem their points on future purchases and we can help you bring them back.

Transaction Manager

In today's business environement, you need to make decisions about your business in real time, especially when managing complex inventory models, our transaction viewer provides real time insight into current or previous day activity, inlcuding reopening transactions from current or previous day transaction ledgers. This way you can reprint any sales receipt from that day to help delvier better customer service and support your own internal accounting team.

Customize Invoices

Not all businesses are cookie cutter and you probably need a more robust invoicing solution to ensure your brand and return policies are communicated effectively. Our integrated invoicing feature supports both backoffice suppliers/partners and in-store sales to operate seamlessly together. You can process sales, generate invoices, receive payments on accounts by specific invoice and you can reprint aged account recievables (30/60/90+ days) if so desired.

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