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Put Your Subscriptions On Autopilot

Subscription Management

With Merchantocracy, you can set up as many subscription plans as you like and run them all from one dashboard. All you need to do is input the names, cardholders, payment frequency and time duration and the system will put those transactions on autopilot so that you can focus on your business.

Billing & Invoicing

Create customized invoicing is as much about billing accurately and sending invoices to the right email account, as it is about reflecting your brand. When you set up an invoicing account, you can choose to customize your billing strategy exactly the way you want to.

Payments & Accounting

Today's customer wants to pay in a multitude of ways, with Grit you can impress your customer by offering credit cards, direct debit and online wallets, whatever inspires them and supports their preferences.

Reporting & Analytics

When you offer a multitude of payment options, its nice to know that all of your data is in one place to manage. Whether it be changing subscriptions or adding customers from around the world your back office reporting dashboard allows you to view the essentails to maintain a healthy business.

Payment Gateways

You may require a specific payment gateway for your business do to costs or compatibility with 3rd party software. Merchantocracy offers you a development team that will make sure that your gateway connects with your website, workflow or business process.

Email Integration Settings

When it comes to communicating invoices or outstandings bills, our recurring billing system handles it all. All you need to do is preset the workflow triggers in the event that a credit card doesn't process or a balance isn't available, this way you'll never be the first line collection agency. What will you do with all this new found time?

Customize Branding

Make sure that your brand sticks out in the minds of your customer, you can add messaging, icons and logo's to your communcations so that your customer knows and trusts the communication and you get paid on time.